But is it Jack White?

1601400_707788095908599_1207575293_nA new stamp was to be issued today commemorating the Irish Citizen Army and its founding commander, Capt. Jack White. But is it Jack White?

An authority on Jack White, Leo Keohane (Centre for Irish Studies, NUI Galway), has issued following statement:

“Captain Jack White DSO was one of the founders of the Irish Citizen Army and in 1914 was the Chairman of the Army Council and as such was in charge of all training.

“I have been researching his life and times for the last six years or so and have written a biography which is to be published this year by Merrion Press. Over the years I have become familiar with various images of White. I can categorically state that the man portrayed on the stamp is not Jack White.

“I would also add the following:  It is obvious from his place in the photograph that the man is a junior officer. White, as the overall Commandant, would never have stood in such a position.”

Ann Matthews adds: “Captain Jack White is not in that photograph. It was taken in late August 1914 and White had left the ICA at that point.”

Make your own comparisons: have a look at a confirmed picture of Jack White here.

– John Cunningham

[Note: this piece was originally posted on the Facebook page of the Irish Centre for Histories of Labour and Class (NUI Galway).]

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