Cumann Staire


At the heart of every vibrant university history community is an active history society. I should know. One of the best years of my undergrad life at Trinity (and no, it’s not that long ago) was spent as correspondence secretary of the DU History Society. To say it was like Fantasy Football would be an understatement: that year my letters and email invites just seemed to hit the right note, and we were treated to lectures from (and some great after-event chats with) a range of speakers, from Nicholas Canny to Roy Foster, via Bill Naphy and Avner Offer.

But that’s enough of my nostalgia for the days when the stress was less and the hair was fuller. Here at NUI Galway we have a very committed and highly active group of students involved in Cumann Staire, who organise an impressive range of talks, activities, and more (last year’s history month, for example) throughout the academic year. Check out their website, have a look at their Facebook page, admire the two excellent posters attached to this post, and get involved!

– Kevin O’Sullivan


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