The history of food

History-on-a-Plate-Programme-1-CatheringClearyJulianaAdelmanA quick post before the weekend. In case you’ve missed it, Lyric FM has been running a new series called History on a Plate for the past couple of weeks. The third of six parts airs tonight at 19.00, but you can always catch up on the ones you’ve missed here. Disclaimer: one of the show’s presenters, Juliana Adelman, and I were co-editors of Pue’s Occurrences, my previous blogging home. Which, of course, should just be an excuse for you to go and read more of her brilliant musings on food, animals, and much more besides…

Edit: I should also have mentioned, of course, that Juliana is a graduate of NUI Galway, where she completed her PhD in 2006.

– Kevin O’Sullivan

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