The voice of Eamon de Valera

Let me set the scene. It’s last Saturday afternoon, and I’m rooting through the crates of vinyl at the record fair at Electric Garden on Abbeygate Street in Galway city centre. The boxes are filled with the usual stuff: records from the seventies that someone now wishes they hadn’t gotten rid of, odd copies of Pet Shot Boys and Police LPs that they wish they’d never heard of, and a rare edition of Led Zeppelin IV with a misspelt cover that’s inexplicably worth hundreds as a result. And there, in the Irish section, set among the Microdisney and Fatima Mansions records, I came across this:


Ah, Galway. Always another twist when you least expect it. (I’ll post something here soon about the two individuals I saw a few weeks back, decked out in full mariner regalia and reciting dialogue from Moby Dick down by Spanish Arch. On a Saturday afternoon. In broad daylight.)

But back to de Valera. Does anyone out there know anything about this LP? Has anyone ever heard it? Should I have bought it? Is it worth money? (Note the increasingly frantic tone of a man who feels his winning lotto ticket may have passed him by, when he bought a fairly battered copy of this instead.)

– Kevin O’Sullivan

3 responses to “The voice of Eamon de Valera

  1. Gerard Madden

    I haven’t listened to it in years, but there’s a copy of this at my aunt’s house. I think the ‘comely maidens’ speech and his 1945 radio response to Churchill are among the speeches on it.

    • Interesting. There must be a few copies floating around so. It’s obviously an RTE production too, judging by the logo on the front, so there must be plenty of material in their archives. A ‘track listing’ might be very interesting – not least to see what they chose to highlight.


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